Zachary Tyhacz

Web & App Engineer

Zachary Tyhacz

If it's an idea, I can code it.

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Essential Personnel

The operational characteristics of law enforcement and fire demands a unique solution for organizational management. We built EP for leaders that want to build strong teams, ensure the safety & wellness of their employees and advance the professional capabilities of their organization.

To properly market a podcast, you need automation. Connect your YouTube podcast channel and we generate your chapters, descriptions, clips, social media posts, and get you connected to other podcast networks.

Cash Offer Elite

Quick cash offers and lightning-fast closings for your property. Say goodbye to real estate agents and endless waiting - and say hello to fast cash in your pocket!


Find high quality leads for your marketing business through our advanced search tool.


Join a network of influencers and content creators on a platform that makes it easy to find work and run an Amazon storefront all in one place.

Stephanie DiRaimondo

A website I designed and developed for Stephanie DiRaimondo who is becoming a mental health counselor for children and young adults.

Wilmington Input Output

I help organize a monthly meetup for programmers, designers, and technologistics in Wilmington. Ideas for events, activities, and venues are welcome!

The "uber app" for getting cars fixed.


Compare and contrast economic stats for industries in the United States

The Zacc Stacc

The Zacc Stacc is my training program where I coach and mentor you into becoming a web, app, or game developer so you can start building your dreams. Already a developer? Take your skills to the next level with my program!

Got a big project to build? You need the coolest development team in Wilmington, NC to support you!


Securely automate posting to many social media sites all in one place from your computer! Free and open source, too!

Bodybuilding Stickers

Vintage, old school, and classic bodybuilding stickers for your goals. Get juicy.

Moab, Utah

I went to Moab, Utah in October 2020. See the pictures I took!

New York City

I visited New York City in June 2022. See the amazing pictures I took!

Voxicard Web Application

Voxicard introduces a whole new way to share your adventures. We’ve taken the timeless feel of a printed postcard and added a wonderful, some might even say magical twist. With Voxicard, you can share the amazing moments that happen behind the camera by adding an embedded video message, right within the postcard.

searx search engine

I host a privacy-respecting search engine on my server. Feel free to use!

AI Generated Crypto Blockchain

Discover the future of decentralized technology with our AI-Generated Crypto Blockchain website, a groundbreaking experiment that merges cutting-edge AI algorithms with blockchain innovation. Experience a unique digital platform where artificial intelligence seamlessly integrates with secure, transparent blockchain networks, pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities.